Victory Delights by Naomi is an extension of Victory Haven

Raw Tarts, Pies & Cakes
Freshly Made from Whole Organic Veggies, Nuts & Fruit

About Victory Delights

NO Brick & Mortar Location

 Available only in the Blue Ridge GA mountain area.

NO SHIPPING anywhere will be done



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Mealtime Helpers
Opening A World of Possibilities

Raw Organic Coconut Water from Thailand


Mealtime Helpers we use and highly recommend


 Daily Harvest

Smoothies & More Ready to Eat!

SMOOTHIES – Just add your smoothie base, blend & enjoy!

Great for traveling, as well as busy schedules!

Harmless Harvest

Hydrating & Electrolyte Dense

Raw Organic Coconut Water from Thailand

Raw Organic Coconut Smoothies from Thailand

& MORE Nutrient Dense products


Whole Food Nutrient Dense Smoothie Mixes – Perfect for traveling & busy schedules!!

Keto Matcha Latte w/MCT Oil Powder

 So delicious & full of superfood nutrients!

Drink it hot or cold, the flavor is the same deliciousness!!  

 We add a scoop (tsp) to our Matcha Superfood Mix beverage :

Matcha Superfood Mix

 Contents: Matcha, Morninga, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass

Drinking this (or adding it to yogurt, etc) gives an awesome energy boost!

***BOTH Matcha Mixes can be found at TJ Maxx & Home Goods***

The Maca Team


Tropical Traditions  

Coconut Oil & More



Your Super


Yummy raw snack bars

Nutritional mixes to add to smoothies & more

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Plant Identification & Knowledge

Young Living Essential Oils