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A Few of Our Food Samplings:

Beet Smoothie

Cleansing and detoxifying for the liver and kidneys! Beets also open the capillaries of the blood vessels in our bodies, allowing for greater oxygen flow throughout the body.

Raw Carrot Cake

So enticingly delicious!

Asparagus Covered in Hollandaise

Great dish for boosting immune function and healing from cancer. 

Mealtime Helpers

Opening A World of Possibilities 


Mealtime Helpers we use and highly recommend


 Daily Harvest

Smoothies & More Ready to Eat!

SMOOTHIES - Just add your smoothie base, blend & enjoy!

Great for traveling, as well as busy schedules!

Harmless Harvest

Hydrating & Electrolyte Dense

Raw Organic Coconut Water from Thailand

Raw Organic Coconut Smoothies from Thailand

& MORE Nutrient Dense products


Whole Food Nutrient Dense Smoothie Mixes - Perfect for traveling & busy schedules!!

Keto Matcha Latte w/MCT Oil Powder

 So delicious & full of superfood nutrients!

Drink it hot or cold, the flavor is the same deliciousness!!  

 We add a scoop (tsp) to our Matcha Superfood Mix beverage :

Matcha Superfood Mix

 Contents: Matcha, Morninga, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass

Drinking this (or adding it to yogurt, etc) gives an awesome energy boost!

***BOTH Matcha Mixes can be found at TJ Maxx & Home Goods***

The Maca Team


Tropical Traditions

Coconut Oil & More

Your Super

Nutritional mixes to add to smoothies & more

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Pure & Potent Herbs

Nature's Sunshine

Plant Identification & Knowledge

Young Living Essential Oils