Important Mask Information:

Asymptomatic Transmission – before COVID nobody in the medical community used this term because it never had any clinical significance.

Basic particle size –

  • TB (Tuberculosis) – medical community working with these patients were required to wear an N95 respirator for short amounts of time. These respirators filter 0.3 micron particles with a 95% efficiency. TB is an airborne, aerosolized virus requiring the patient to be in a negative pressure room.
  • Flu Virus = 0.2 microns
  • COVID-19 virus = 0.1 microns …. 3 times smaller than TB. So, the surgical masks & the cloth masks people made at home did nothing to protect anyone.

OSHA experts, exposure scientists, & highly credentialed industrial hygienists spoke out against masks show peer-reviewed evidence of why they were ineffective.

Over time, a mask begins to function as a Petri dish, and the bacterial contaminants that collect on the mask can make you sick.

Source: Rare Courage by Jodi O’Malley, MSN RN

About Us

Victory Haven is a family-owned and operated company, established in 2010.

We are committed to the principles of Health Freedom and Health Sovereignty, which means helping to educate people on the ways they can take control of their own health and wellbeing. Freedom and sovereignty come with responsibility, and require active participation to achieve and retain.

We Truly Care About Your Health

We take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing dis-ease. We offer a variety of alternative health options that treat your body as a whole, not just the symptoms. We help you find the ROOT CAUSE of your Dis-ease.

We believe that you are not living your best life possible, unless your mind and body are completely healthy.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Help you discover the ROOT CAUSE of your Dis-ease and to Open A World of Options through education, encouragement, empowerment, and inspiration that will allow you to make educated choices for your health journey.

We have discovered that the best way to heal the body is within nature itself.

We help people regain their health using Yahweh God our Creator’s FARMacy.


It is Up to You

We understand how confusing the journey may be. There is no magic pill on your road to success. Our journey has given us direction which we share here to assist with the maze of information allowing you to be empowered with your choices.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Our Story

Tim & Naomi Havens, The Owners


Co-Founder Naomi Havens is a 23 year two time Stage 2 Breast Cancer Conqueror who chose NOT to have chemo or radiation both times, in spite of the doctors giving her a 5 years DEATH SENTENCE.


Naomi’s Credentials Include:


  • 22 Year 2 time Cancer Survivor using only NATURAL METHODS
  • 2 time graduate of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, GA
  • Former EMT/EMS
  • Certified Medical Transcriptionist
  • Trained under numerous Health Educators
  • Learned from her network of other dis-ease survivors
  • Candy Striper – when we were more like Nurses Aides
  • Still a student at the School of Life & Hard Knocks
  • Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor
  • Certified Health & Nutrition Coach – Food Matters Institute
  • Internationally Certified Naturopathic Practitioner


Tim reversed his degenerative back disease in spite of what the doctors advised.

Following God’s call on their lives, Naomi and Tim chose instead to turn to
natural therapies and use Food As their Medicine.



What is the TRUE meaning of “Doctor”?

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Online Etymology Dictionary

Do any of the “doctors” you currently employee/visit follow these definitions?


How about the TRUE meaning of “Pharmacy” from the Latin origin?


In 2010 God asked Naomi to be His hands, feet & mouth for this brand new non-profit whose mission is to educate people on the options available for healing their bodies naturally.

Yahweh – God is the founder; Naomi is the co-founder of Victory Haven.

Initially we thought our mission included fundraising for the purpose of offering financial assistance to others pursuing natural therapies, which insurance rarely covers. Naomi has first hand experience in the area of the financial aspect of natural therapies, and that there rarely are fundraisers done/offered for people on natural healing journeys.

Tim & Naomi have come to realize that God has them in the position of teaching rather than fundraising. They both love teaching nutrition and are extremely passionate in what they do.



Community Service Projects We Are Passionate About

The Mission

Ever experienced the journey of a child diagnosed with cancer?

Did you know that NO research for Childhood Cancer has been done in over 40 years? I learned this from the founder of The Scott Carter Foundation, as well as the CareSearch for Children’s Cancer organization.

Ever thought about the Long-term affect of a child’s cancer diagnosis… academics included? I learned this several years ago while working with the Academic Resource Liaison at a Children’s Hospital.

This Community-Engagement program, which is solely funded by donations and grants, gifts families and children dealing with a childhood cancer diagnosis with Comfort Gifts, as well as items to help those children keep up with their academics.

Your support is greatly appreciated!



Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.