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Client Testimonials:


Jerome (Feb 2017) – Pre-Diabetic – Changed diet & is no longer diabetic & is off all meds

Jennifer (Feb 2017)  – Thankful for the safety & support during journey with ALS

Noga (May 2017)  – “Thankful for coaches that are both real from the heart & concerned about true health. Their passion & honest concern shows!”

Grace (May 2018)  – “These people have taught me a lot about what REAL food is and how food affects the body”

Jenn (May 2018)  – Thankful for the support in living a healthy lifestyle

Sharon (May 2022)  – “I have a dear friend who’s experiencing some menopausal issues and reached out to me for recommendations for a more naturalistic approach to the hot flashes and such. I recommended she contact you for any information you might have come across in your health journey. I hope you didn’t mind.  I appreciate your wisdom and understanding.”

CH  –  “I highly value your natural medicine wisdom”

Julie (June 2022)  –  “Why would I want to POISON myself to health? God has provided everything I need for healing in the nature around me.”


Professional Endorsement:


Kelly S, Pharmacist (Feb 2022) – “Naomi knows her stuff!”

Kaye L, Nutritionist (Sept 2020) – “Naomi knows what she is talking about”


Customizing a Plan for YOU

Cancer was Naomi’s deepest fear.

When Naomi found the 1st tumor in September 2000 there were no health coaches to guide us, support groups to join. Just a big maze of information to navigate.

Naomi refused chemo & radiation and was given a 5 year DEATH Sentence. That did not detour us; rather it motivated us to find the natural path we knew we were called to take. Naomi is now 19+ years PAST that death sentence & Cancer FREE!! She continues her education so she can help others.

Naomi is so passionate about natural healing and helping others Open A Word of Options & find the Root Cause of their dis-ease that she is now an Internationally Certified Naturopathic Practitioner & Internationally Certified Nutrition Coach.


Tim was diagnosed with degenerative discs and told there was nothing the doctors could do for him, that he’d just have to “deal with it” for the rest of his life.

Using Food As Medicine Tim has completely healed his discs!


Our journeys have taught us that FOOD truly is Medicine. BUT, healing does not come just from the food. This journey has opened up a whole new world to us!

Our goal is to Help you Find the ROOT CAUSE of your dis-ease and Open A World of Options for You!

Our coaching works for MORE than just Cancer!

There is no one magic pill, so we help you navigate the maze to find what works best for you.

“Fish for a man, you feed him for a day & he becomes dependent on you, the supplier. Teach that man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime.”

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If you are looking for a QUICK FIX … this is NOT

the place!


The type of healing we coach takes 110% Commitment from YOU as well as your Support Team.

You get out of it what YOU put in to it.




What is the TRUE meaning of “Doctor”?

Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

Online Etymology Dictionary

 Do any of the “doctors” you currently employ / visit follow these definitions?

How about the TRUE meaning of

“Pharmacy” from it’s Latin origin?





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We’ve dedicated our lives to help people prevent and heal cancer and chronic disease using natural methods.

What we share is the culmination of our own personal experiences with 2 Cancer Diagnoses and Degenerative Discs and over 20 years of learning from other health educators as well as our network of others who’ve healed as well.

If you are looking for a Quick Fix… this is NOT the place!

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