Victory Haven – Alternative Cancer Support Group

Organic * Plant Based * Gluten-Free * Low Glycemic * Soy Free *Immune Boost

Food to LIVE For!

Raw Carrot Cake


Made from fresh nuts, carrots, dates, and spices! 


Raw Cacao Tart


 Made from fresh nuts, fruit, and of course cacao! 

Our most popular selection.

Raw Key Lime Pie


Made from nuts, avocados, and limes this pie is like no other you may have tasted! Diabetic friendly! 



NO Brick and Mortar Location.

Available only in the Blue Ridge GA mountain area.

NO SHIPPING anywhere will be done

Raw Mixed Berry Cheesecake


Made from fresh nuts & fruits

More to Come!


More to Come




Cheryl says, “That is sssoooo good”

Sarah, who is allergic to sugar, gluten, soy and more says, “Yummy goodness that I can actually eat!”

Thank you Naomi for the gift of love 



Chris says, “What did you put in that tart? It’s a WINNER! You can bring it over anytime! That’s what you are to bring each Thanksgiving!”